Via-TV T1G3 Overview

Viaplay Smart TV:Simply Make Your TV Smart,Interactive,and Connected!
Multi-touch Smart Control on TV:Full touch integration for your TV with Viaplay's Revolutionary Smart Remote:- Pointer System lets you control your TV just as easily as your tablet - Full Multi-touch gesture support:Control your apps easily with pinch and zoom, Scroll, Tap and more - Full QWERTY keyboard with Android hotkey shortcuts - 2.4GHz RF Wireless communication - Li-ion Rechargeable battery - Directional keys, Volume up/down and multimedia keys for full playback control.
Android gaming experience on TV:- Choose from over 700,000 games and apps on Google Play™- Play your favorite games with multi-touch smart controlAndroid gameing experience on TV
Turn your TV into a Smart TV:- The full Android internet and app ecosystem straight to your HDTV screen. - Get a full web enabled experience on your existing HDTV  - Fast internet on your TV with the Via-Remote G3 - Use the directional buttons and scrolling gestures to scroll easily from within webpages  - Netflix, Youtube, Facebook and more Turn your TV into a Smart TV
Multimedia Player:- Get control of your home media content- Playback all your favorite video files and formats including H.264 decoding in Full 1080p HD - Stream media content over your home network through the built-in WiFi Connection Multimedia Player