Via-TV T1G3 Game & Apps

Android Gaming and Multimedia on your TV:Enjoy thousands of Android games and apps on your TV from Google Play
Viaplay Touch Mapping App:With the Viaplay GameCenter, you can link the virtual on-screen controls of games to physical keys on the smart remote in seconds.
Multi-touch pad:With a large 4 inch touch pad, the Viaplay smart remote is perfectfor touch-anywhere games. Games like Angry Birds or Fluit Ninja are easy to play with the pinch and zoom multi-touch controls on the Via-Remote G3.
Thousands of your favorite Apps, optimized for your HDTV:The Via- TV includes access to Google Play . There are thousands of Android apps available for download, from games and multimedia, to news and widgets, the Via-TV let you personalize your Android experience.
Unlimited videos and content:The Via-TV has access to all of your favorite streaming video and music content from popular shows on Netflex to your favorite YouTube and Pandora channels, straight to your TV screen.