Via-gamepad F1 Features

Via-Gamepad F1
HID Gamepad- Build for NvidiaThe:-Gamepad F1 utilizes the standard HID protocol and has undergone the
2.4 GHz wireless connection:- Plug in and play hardCut the cord and enjoy wireless freedom. Simply insert the 2.4GHz mini-receiver into a USB port for fast 2.4 GHz data transmission with virtually no delays. The 2.4GHz technology offers greater range up to 33 feet away from your home theater PC, TV Stick or OTG enabled Android Device.
viaplay’s free Touch Mapping and Key Mapping Apps Compatibility with hundreds of games found on Google Play™:With the play Touch Mapping app for Android, you can link the virtual on-screen touch controls to physical keys on the -Gamepad F1, addingcompatibility for dozens of touch-only Android Games. play’s Key Mapping app for Android allows you customize your Controller’s layout in seconds to best fit your gaming needs.
Designed with dual joystick and all necessary buttons to tackle any game:The silky-smooth joysticks are a delight to use and will boost your accuracy, allowing you to rapidly pinpoint any target on the screen effortlessly. This controller sports four front-facing action buttons and quad shoulder buttons to giving you a console gaming experience in a pocket-sized form factor.
Mouse and Keyboard support:– More than a gamepadThe F1 also comes with mouse and keyboard features so you can control your Android / Windows/ Mac system effortlessly.
Rechargeable Li-ion BatteryEnjoy:long lasting battery life and practically eliminate the hassle of changing batteries.Just plug the gaming controller into a USB power source to recharge.