Via-remote G2 Features

Via-Remote G2:The Via-remote G2 is a mouse, keyboard and remote 3-in-1 controller.With a 33ft. (10m) wireless range, Via-Remote G2 gives you wireless control from the comfort of your couch. The built-in G-sensor, multi-touch mouse pad, as well as the touch keyboard bring you the perfect control over your Android experience.
Full QWERTY keyboard:The Via-Remote G2 includes a full keyboard for typing your emails, social network posts, and more. Inputting text on Android systems has never been faster.
Multi-touch surface:Via-remote G2 includes a 4 inch touchpad with precision sensitivity, designed for smoothly executing any Android task.Simply move your fingers over the touchpad to interact with your television, bringing the Android experience to the big screen.
Designed for Android:The Viaplay Smart remote has specific keys to help you navigate the Android style user interface, which give you direct access to the HOME, SEARCH, MENU and Standby.
Touch and gesture navigation:Full multi-touch integration means you can control your TV just as easily as your smartphone or tablet. Tap, scroll, and gesture support along with pinch to zoom, gives you effortless control of your Android applications. ( Exclusively for Via-TV )
Media hot keys:Enjoy one-touch, easy access to your most often used media hot keys like mute, play, volume up or volume down.
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery:Enjoy using the long-term battery life and practically eliminate the hassle and expense of changing batteries.
Tech Specs