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Technical Support

Via-TV Combo

Q: How does this device connect to my television?
The Via-TV has an HDMI video output port (optional standard HDMI cable required) which can output high definition images to your HD TV
Q: Can I use video conference with Skype?
The Via-TV has an HDMI video output port (optional standard HDMI cable required) which can output high definition images to your HD TV
Q: How does the Display resolution doesn’t match my TV?
If the resolution doesn´t match with your TV, you can change the resolution in the “setting” of the Via-TV .
Q: Why I can not control the mouse cursor smoothly?
1. Please check if the battery has enough power.
2. Using the HDMI or USB extension cable to avoid the TV frame blocking the USB receiver.
Q: What is Android™?
It is the most popular software platform for portable devices. Games and applications of all different types are now available and new exciting ones are yet to come due to its open architecture.
Q: I’m having problems connecting over WiFi. What should I do?

- Check that your Wifi router/modem is working correctly – try it with another Wifi device (ex: friend’s laptop).

Make sure that you are relatively close to the modem/router when make your first connection. Later you can test to see how far away you can still get a wifi signal.

- Try connecting to a friend's WiFi access point (one that uses a different modem) to see if reacts the same way. If it connects, then you know that you should set your WiFi router/modem with similar parameters.

- Turn off the Wifi then turn it back on again. Go to Apps > Settings and flip the Wi-Fi switch to OFF. Wait until the right side of the screen says wifi off, then reflip the switch to ON and wait a moment. Your WiFi access point should show up as an item below this.

-If you have to enter a password (an security code of type WEP or WPA) be very careful that you do not confuse a 1 and I (one and letter “I”), a 0 and O (zero and letter “O”), or U and V. These are common mistakes.

- When entering a security code for your WiFi access, check the box “Show password” which will allow you to see exactly what you are typing in. This will avoid any mistakes.

Q: What do I do if an app gets stuck or functions incorrectly?
The app you are using may need to be updated. Open Google Play app and go to the My Apps section (the icon looking like an arrow pointing down shown in the top right of the screen). Here it will show you which of your apps have updates that can be downloaded. If updating the application does not help with the problem, you could try uninstalling the application (use the Uninstall button found on the application’s page in Google Play) and then reinstall it from the same page.
Q: Where do these apps go after I download them?
you can find your application in the Apps drawer (you can open the app drawer from the Apps button in the Home screen).
Q: What happens if I download a paid app and then delete it by mistake – How do I get it back?
Google Play keeps track of which programs you purchased and will let you redownload them at anytime from the My Apps section. You can find the my apps section at any time from within the Google Play app by pressing the arrow icon in the top right of the screen.


Q: Why the mouse cursor doesn’t move smoothly?
- Low battery power. Please check if the battery has sufficient power.
- The 2.4G signal is block by TV frame. Use the HDMI or USB extension cable to avoid the TV frame blocking the USB receiver.
Q: Why the Smart Remote does not respond?
- The Remote might go into standby mode, please press any button to wake it up.
- The 2.4G signal lost, please re-pair the 2.4G USB receiver with the controller(follow the user manual)
Q: Why the touch keyboard doesn’t work well?
The touch area might be interfered when initialization. Please restart the remote. Avoid touching the touch area when start the remote.


Q: hat Android devices will Via-Gamepad work on?
The Via-Gamepad is compatible with Android devices running OS 4.0 or higher
Q: What is HID?
Human Interface Device.
What games can I play with the Via-Gamepad?
The Via-Gamepad has Gaming mode, Mouse mode and iCade mode (for Via-Gamepad F2 only). Gaming mode allows for compatibility with games that support the standard HID protocol. Mouse mode allows for compatibility with simple touch games. Viaplay Gamecenter app will allow you to code specific keyboard, gamepad and touch events to buttons on the controller for compatibility with most games and apps.
Q: how do I find my Android OS Version?
1. On the Android device select “Apps”
2. Select “Settings” in the apps menu.
3. Scroll down and locate “About Phone” or “About Tablet” or “About Device” (name is different for all devices)
4. Look for “Android Version” or “Android OS”
Q: Can I use Viaplay gamecenter App with any other controllers?
No, Viaplay Gamecenter app is developed for use exclusively with viaplay devices.
Q: Where can I download Viaplay Gamecenter app?
You can download Viaplay Gamecenter app on the Google Play Store through your device or here.
Q: Do I have to root my device to use the Viaplay Gamecenter app or Via-Gamepad?
Viaplay Gamecenter has two function- Touch mapping and Key mapping. The rooted device is only required for Touch to buttons event. The Via-Gamepad and Key mapping in Viaplay Gamecenter app do not require any root of Android or modification of the device to work.
Q: Why trying to pair my Via-Gamepad to me device for a long time?
Bluetooth can take up to 30 seconds for the first time connecting depending on environmental factors such as radio interference or the presence and proximity to other Bluetooth enabled devices.
Q: What’s the difference between the Via-Gamepad F1 and Via-Gamepad F2?
The F1 uses 2.4GHz wireless, for Android devices without Bluetooth but with USB port, such as some tablets and mini PC. The F2 use Bluetooth connection, better for smart phone.
Q: Can I use the Via-Gamepad on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or other gaming consoles?
No. The Via-Gamepad will not work with other gaming consoles
Q: Will the Via-Gamepad work on PC or Mac?
Yes, The Viaplay Gamepad can play iCade compatible games.
Q: Where can I find the games with iCade mode?
A: Official iCade list: